Brokerage and Development Services

At Trinity Commercial Group, Inc., our multi-disciplined team of professionals is widely respected for providing excellent leadership in a variety of commercial real estate services.


Tenant Representation

Trinity Commercial’s exceptional grasp of the local market conditions and proven knowledge of business process is incomparable. Our innovative solutions and strategies reveal opportunities that affect clients’ objectives and lead to successful negotiations that grow business. Our ability to close the deal in the right location at the right price for our clients is what sets us apart.

Landlord Representation

Owners of retail real estate appreciate our expertise in advising and identifying ideal market opportunities. We determine outcomes for a successful property marketing process that will meet their objectives. This growing reputation has established Trinity as a credible source and partner for developers and owners.

Asset Disposition

Transforming a real estate liability into a profitable asset is becoming a hallmark service of Trinity. With a growing portfolio of assisting retailers with surplus leased or fee-owned properties, we negotiate with all parties to ensure a shared win through effectively marketing the asset.

Investment Services

In a growing market like Southwest Florida, Trinity Commercial Group is aggressive with our vision of finding and structuring retail-space real estate deals for investors. By leveraging our unique access, relationships and market expertise, along with our capacity to move quickly, we help posture investors for high-return opportunities.

Development Services

Trinity Commercial Group’s vast knowledge of the real estate process offers a wide range of support and consultation as it pertains to real estate development. Whether through identifying development opportunities or creating and executing development plans, Trinity Commercial Group provides in-depth advice tailored to fit the needs of each project.


Trinity also offers services in the multi-family asset class with significant residential components. We understand and can effectively communicate the challenges and opportunities posed by each category of multi-family investment.