Tonya Pitstick

Tonya Pitstick is a senior property manager with 20 years of experience in property and facility management. Her duties include Landlord retention, tenant and vendor relationships, preparation of property budgets, rent collection and the daily operations and oversight of managed assets. She brings knowledge of project management for large tenant build out of spaces. Tonya has worked overseeing and maintaining over 2 million square feet of commercial properties.


  • Trinity Commercial Group (2022 – present)
  • Prior to joining Trinity Commercial Group, Tonya has worked in Lee County as a Property Manager overseeing and maintaining over 2 million sqft. of commercial properties.


  •  Purdue University and Ivy Tech State College – West Lafayette, IN

Abbe Grevious

Abbe Grevious joined Trinity Commercial Group as an Associate in 2022. She specializes in managing and supporting her team of brokers through tracking prospect analytics with her multifaceted organization skills. Abbe prides herself on being on the frontline alongside her team by cultivating the prospecting process through capturing and recording the details of potential opportunities and leads. She also manages the CRM, reporting, and contract agreements for her team of brokers and helps to develop and foster their client relationships.

A West Michigan Native, Abbe was born and raised in Muskegon, Michigan. She took the leap and moved to Florida just before she started her college career. She spent three years in the Tampa Bay area, where she graduated with her Associate’s of the Arts Degree from State College of Florida. From there, she went to earn her Bachelor’s in Finance from Florida Gulf Coast University, receive her Florida Real Estate Sales Associate license and has resided in Fort Myers, Fl since.

In her spare time, Abbe enjoys spending time with her friends and family, playing with her pups, reading, and running races, and training at Crossfit Estero.


  • Trinity Commercial Group (2022 – present)


  •  Associate’s of Arts in Paralegal Studies/Business

  •  Bachelor’s of Science in Finance

  •  Concentration in Financial Management and Analytics

Nick Chandler


Nick started out as a student supervisor to help take care of the University campus before long he became a supervisor with his own crew. Shortly after, he moved into the REIT platform in property management and spent close to a decade learning and teaching. He soon discovered he had a passion to support, coach, teach and pioneer in property management, he continued to move up in positions where that was possible. He has now moved into a new role here at TCG as the Director of Property Management with 15 years of property management experience and leadership.


  • Bachelor of Science in Business Management


  • Responsible for properties in 5 different states that included Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Florida, and Wisconsin.  This consist of over 2.5 million square feet of properties that included some of the most notable tenants like, Michaels, Five Below, GNC, TJ Maxx, PetSmart, Barnes Nobels, AutoZone, Dollar tree, Best Buy, Panera Bread, Target, Verizon, and Ulta Beauty.


  • Tenant build outs including Five Below, Ultra Beauty, and Famous footwear
  • Helped with starting multiple non-profits organizations
  • Board Member of a Non-Profit
  • Created scope of works for multiple million-dollar projects

3 Ways You Can Market Your Business Using Social Media


Let’s be honest. Looking around today you can’t help but notice smart phones literally everywhere. And on those smart phones, social media: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter – You name it, most people have at least one. In fact, if you want some seriously scary ‘this is the world we’re living in’ data, how’s this strike you? There are approximately 7.5 billion people on Earth – of those, 4/7.5 billion (that’s 53%) are on the internet. Of those with internet, 3.2/4 billion = or 80% are ACTIVE social media users. Most of them using a mobile device. So yes, social media – maybe you hate it, but your business and your wallet want you to LOVE IT. And if you love yourself, you’ll learn to at least tolerate it as well.

Let’s jump right in with our tips for success:

  1. Build Awareness – As noted above, most people in the world have a cell phone nowadays. That means that no more are people printing off MapQuest to find your storefront. Instead, they’ll probably do it by clicking on a map they find on one of your responsive pages, guiding them and their money directly to you. Social Media allows for you to have fans and ratings and an incredibly BOOSTED VISIBILITY for little overhead in terms of both time and money.
  2. Communicate Authority – You likely don’t care if you customers are awed by your tech savviness, but I know you care if your tech illiteracy creates a barrier to them giving you money. SO, first step is to prove your expertise. A frequently updated site with relevant and NEW content will not only land you in the early stages of a Google search, but it will land you firmly in the minds of your target audience.
  3. Provide Engagement – One of the things I am consistently impressed with is any company that knows its bosses well… Because the boss is ALWAYS the customer. The best way to get to know anyone is to speak with them regularly. So double check – does your site allow for feedback? Does it have a ‘Chat Now’ option? And don’t always be a consumer of data from your consumers. Give them a little bit of yourself, too. Maybe one day, upload a video letting people see a sneak peak behind the office walls – experiencing your team lunch together with you. Or go Facebook Live sometime, answering questions in real time.Another aspect to engagement is providing support, answering questions, listening to criticism, and making customers feel heard. In many of the social mediums, there is an option to respond to direct messages from customers/clients immediately, even if it is to say ‘Thank you for contacting us. We’ve received your message and will get back to you as soon as we can’. People like to know that their thoughts weren’t lost in cyberspace!

One of the first steps for any business seeking to GROW is building awareness. Your company can’t grow if people don’t know you exist! Always, through remembering that your boss is your customer and always treating them like KINGS AND QUEENS – and that means listening to their thoughts, frustrations, questions and concerns – your business will continue to thrive. Enjoy the ride!