How to: Get a property listed with a Brokerage Company

You own a commercial property, and you want to sell it to a potential buyer, but how do you get there? The most effective way is to hire a brokerage company to list your property.  In this article, we will be going through the steps to take when hiring a brokerage company and positioning it for sale.

  1. Identify a broker that specializes in your property type

The first step you should take is to identify a brokerage company that specializes in your property type. For instance, at TCG we specialize in office, retail, land and industrial properties to just name a few. Making sure your potential broker understands the optics of your property and has exceptional expertise is essential.


  1. Interview to make sure you align your priorities

Next, after identifying your specialized broker, set up an interview to discuss market conditions and what steps to take in positioning your property for success. An interview will allow for you to get a better picture of what your working relationship will be with a broker. It also will allow you voice any concerns or specific things you may want done when marketing your property.

  1. Provide appropriate property info for transaction

 As your broker begins positioning your property, it is essential that you provide all relevant information related to your property. Information is the key to a smooth transaction.  Make sure that you stay consistent in keeping up with your broker on any requests they may have for property information.

If you follow all these steps, it will take no time to find a brokerage company that can successfully list, market and sell your property.

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