Lexi Makway



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Lexi Makway joined Trinity Commercial Group in mid-2021 post -graduation from Florida Gulf Coast University. She is an integral part of the marketing department and supports the brokers through research, reports, and creation. Another facet of her job is managing the social media accounts for Trinity Commercial Group. She oversees the company’s interactions with the public through planning content, creating content, and analyzing content. 

 Though Lexi is not a broker or licensed agent, she is diving deep into the commercial real estate world with the help and knowledge of her coworkers. She gained a new appreciation for commercial real estate because of all the passion for helping others realize their dreams into realities.  

Southwest Florida has been Lexi’s home for the past four years during her time at university. After getting a taste of the Florida life, she did not want to move back to the Midwest. In her free time she enjoys getting outdoors and exploring, learning new things, practicing yoga, and relaxing with friends and family.