Local Highlight: BigShots Golf in Golden Gate City

In this week’s edition of Local Highlight, TCG would like to highlight the upcoming BigShots Golf that will be taking over a local golf course in Golden Gate City.

On Aug. 1st, 2019, Collier County purchased the 167-acre property. The county has gone through a long cycle of deliberation as to whether or not they should preserve golf as a viable activity on a portion of the property. Finally, the county came to agreement on approving a lease agreement with ClubCorp/BigShots Golf. A 12-hole golf course and a new entertainment center will begin development in the former space of the Golden Gate Golf Course.

BigShots is a self-proclaimed tech-driven entertainment and culinary experience that provides dining and golf fun for everyone. With virtual courses offered as well in 3D augmented reality, it provides a perfect alternative to those new to golf and seasoned pros alike. With highly-developed golf ball tracking technology and exclusive live play capabilities, you can play with your friends and family in other cities. BigShots also offers crafty cocktails and foodie-centric dining menu.

To read more about BigShots golf, visit their website here.