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TCG Cares: St. Matthew’s House

Today, we would like to recognize a charity that has been a positive force for the local community: St. Matthew’s House. St. Matthews mission is straightforward, to provide housing for the homeless, food for the needy, and comfort for the addicted and suffering as their website describes.

Born in 1987, a group of Naples parishioners began to bring food to a homeless group living in a nearby wooded area. After a number of years, community support helped foster both contributions of food and clothing, which eventually led to establishing a food pantry.

Eventually, it led to what St. Matthew’s represents today: a multi-faceted organization in support of spiritual change and lending a helping hand to those in need. Services now include emergency/transitional housing, a feeding ministry along with its Justin’s place recovery program, Collier County Jail Chaplin service, 6 thrift stores, a breakfast and lunch café that includes a full-service catering company and a retreat/conference center.

There are plenty of ways local residents can help further St Matthew’s mission. Main focuses include monetary donations, shelter and food pantry donations and donating time as a volunteer. You can find more information on how to help in these ways here.

TCG recognizes and supports St. Matthew’s in its mission to help those in need and positively affect the community.

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