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5 Steps to Career Success In The New Year

While we are getting ready to ring in the new year and explore all of the possibilities that 2022 has to offer, many are deciding on their New Year’s Resolutions. Here are a few steps that you can implement in your professional life to attain career success and aid in those New Year’s Resolutions.

  1. Define your dream job: you must know what you want to work towards it.
  2. Write it down: this is to hold yourself accountable and help you visualize your goals.
  3. Use short-term goals: reach for the stars but celebrate the small steps on your way there! By breaking up long-term goals into achievable steps you can maintain momentum on your way to success.
  4. Make each goal measurable: this can be done by setting S.M.A.R.T. goals as defined by Indeed Career Development.
  • – specific – make your goals specific and narrow for more effective planning
  • M – measurable – define what evidence will prove you’re making progress and reevaluate when necessary
  • A – attainable – make sure you can accomplish your goal within a certain timeframe
  • R – relevant – your goals should align with your values and long-term objectives
  • T – time-based – set a realistic, ambitious end-date for task prioritization and motivation
  1. Create an action plan: outline in detail the actions needed to accomplish your goals and remember to call upon your network and take advantage of any resources you might have access to.

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