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KC American Bistro

“Doug knows every project that is happening. He can recite pretty much everything that is on the market. He actually helped put me in the original restaurant and was there when we decided we wanted to expand and open another location. Doug knows the expansion process and about our restaurant. He thought we would fit well here in University Village and the response has been absolutely amazing. People really want us to stick around and we are confident with the move to this area.” – Chef Keith Casey

Diesel Barbershop

“Looking for the best property to open a new business is a serious task. When you are doing much of this remotely and new to Florida, with its distinct areas and demographics, it can also be overwhelming.
Chris has the knowledge and contacts that enabled us not only to find the perfect spot for our Diesel Barbershop but was patient with us as he exhausted the inventory presenting the pros and cons of each location for our business to succeed. He was instrumental in negotiating terms of our lease in a way we could not have managed as well on our own and he will certainly be our go to broker for our next business venture” -Nurit & Frank Louis (Regency Court)

Honor Yoga

“Working with TCG was absolutely awesome! Doug is very knowledgeable about the area. He has the right connections and truly knows the business. It is one thing to know real estate, but TCG specializes in commercial real estate which made all the difference!” -Kelley Kiernan (North Naples)

Flix Entertainment

“If you seek a deep professional relationship that becomes the bedrock of your decision-making process as a direct result of the professionalism, loyalty, commitment and unparalleled access to information and data, then you’ve found the right group. I have been in and around the commercial real estate brokerage world for the vast majority of my career and seldom have I found representation that consistently exceeds expectations and in every possible manner. I could not recommend Trinity more highly. If you are lucky enough to work with this group, it will be one of the best business decisions you will ever make.”- Matt Silvers


“Skillets first starting working with Doug Olson in 2013 when he secured our fourth location in the Pavilion, North Naples. This was a challenging deal because another restaurateur also wanted the spot and was a current tenant. So Doug persuaded him into taking another site in the plaza (got a generous TI for him) and then negotiated expanding the size of our space…
Doug and his team are always spot on with providing market area studies, sending us possible future site suggestions, and professionally managing the leasing process, which can be complex. He’s gotten us some very favorable Tenant Improvement Allowances and competitive leasing rates.

I would highly recommend Doug Olson and Trinity for business brokerage services.” -Ross Edlund {Founder and CEO}