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Broker Story: Tim Rose

In this new series, we will celebrating ten years of TCG by looking inwards to our Brokers that have made these ten years so successful. Tim Rose is an advisor with TCG, specializing in industrial properties. We interviewed him to get his insight on his beginning at TCG, what sparked his interest in CRE and his proudest accomplishments in his career… 

How long have you been working at TCG?

 Since August 2020. 

What got you interested in CRE? 

 I came from business brokerage which works at a much slower pace and is a little bit more subjective in its negotiations. CRE moves a little quicker and involves more of a community of people working together to make deals happen. I enjoy being part of a team here at TCG. 

What was your first breakthrough lease/sale?

 My first lease was actually a lease to own, which provided a good amount of complexity. It was for a client that could not find a business to purchase, so they moved on to an actual property that fit their needs. After several months of leasing and negotiating with the lender, they look to be closing on their unit soon. 

What has been your biggest individual accomplishment working in CRE? 

 Thus far it has been integrating with TCG and my teammates here. Everyone is a hard worker and a great source of information. Being able to share business brokerage experience, as well as lighten the load for the team by focusing on industrial clients has really been a joy. 

What lease/sale are you most proud of? 

 Hands down, helping the Harry Chapin Food bank find an ideal spot and setup in Naples for the second distribution site in November 2020. We help a lot of business owners, and they are all great people, but helping an organization like that find what they need, without the burden or stress that can detract from their mission, was truly rewarding. 

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