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Honor Yoga

Welcome to Honor Yoga, where you can come as you are and leave feeling your very best. I sat down with Kelley Kiernan to learn a little bit about her background and her yoga studio which plans to open December 7th 2019 at Logan Landings in North Naples. (Immokalee and Logan Blvd)

Background and Reason for Opening Honor Yoga:

Kelley grew up in the St. Louis Area, and moved to Southwest Florida in 2012. She has been a successful dietician for over 20 years and has always urged her clients to do yoga to help support their body in many ways! Although she knew about yoga and its benefits, she had never had the opportunity to try it herself until one day a friendly neighbor was going and Kelley decided to join. It was there that she discovered how much she could get out of yoga and how it could greatly benefit her body and mind. She fell in love with it and knew that this would be a part of her life for years to come.

“When I decided to open my own Honor Yoga Studio in Naples, I knew that I wanted to create a place where people will always feel comfortable and safe. I want people to know that anyone can do it and this is a kind and family-friendly environment! There isn’t enough kindness in the world, and we want to create a place where you are always greeted with a warm welcome and can feel comfortable at any stage you are at.”

Why Honor Yoga

In 2018, she met with the owners on Honor Yoga, and a couple of months later they had signed for her first location in Naples. When I asked why she chose Honor Yoga, the impressive reasons kept coming.

“Honor Yoga is registered with yoga alliance, they have retreat center in the Cat Skills mountains in New York, as well as other retreats all over the world! We do a lot of work with veterans, those who have PTSD, depression and anxiety, as well as people who have suffered from a brain injury. We also give proceeds to the Honor Yoga Foundation that gives back to the community, which is so important.”

The inclusive programs and mission of Honor yoga is what grabbed her interest, and the genuine and meaningful connections is what got her hooked! She currently has 2 locations in Naples that are in the process of opening soon, with a potential third location planning to open in 2021.

Working with TCG

Finding the perfect spot when you are opening your business can be tough, and we always want to make sure our clients are happy with the final results. We asked, as your studio is just weeks away from opening, tell us how it was working with Trinity Commercial Group and what was the process like?

“Doug was absolutely awesome to work with. He is knowledgeable about the area, has the right connections and truly knows the business. Not only does he know real estate, but he knows commercial real estate which made all the difference. We were in sync the whole time and it was just awesome working with him.”

We are so happy that you enjoyed this process and could find the very best locations for your yoga studios! We are sure that people all over Naples will enjoy all you are bringing to this wonderful city! We appreciate the kind words and look forward to seeing you thrive with Honor Yoga in Naples, Fl! 

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