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At Trinity Commercial, we have an experienced team of tenant representation experts that provide a variety of high-level commercial real estate services.

It’s our goal to provide our clients with the service they need, without delay. It doesn’t matter if you’re seeking better terms from your landlord or are interested in relocating, our team knows what it takes to succeed.

How We Can Help

As a commercial tenant, it’s your responsibility to align your business and operational objectives with your budget and growth goals.
We provide a variety of tenant services, with these four among the most common:

Financial Analysis

With a comprehensive financial analysis guiding you, it’s easier to make informed and confident decisions. We provide all the information you need, with a focus on cash flow, NPV, GAAP and other important details.

Strategy Development

It’s our job to ensure that you don’t make any mistakes as a tenant. Our strategy development service gives you the power to use your tenancy to secure the best possible price, along with flexible terms.

Market Search

Thanks to our relationships with brokers, landlords, and other tenants, we’re able to help you with your search for the perfect space.


Maybe you’re not interested in personally negotiating a lower rent and better terms. Or maybe you don’t have the time in your busy schedule to do so. Either way, we can represent you in negotiations with the idea of securing the best possible deal.

Experiences & Resources

Since 2011, Trinity Commercial has been working closely with tenants, and landlords, to help them secure the perfect space for their business in Southwest Florida and Fort Lauderdale.