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Austin Smith


Southwest Florida,

Austin Smith is a story of overcoming the odds of both success and challenges.  He was born and raised in the Dunbar community of Ft. Myers.  Driven to elevate his professional game, he was motivated to propel his future to be beyond what he had experienced in his early years.  After graduating from High School, he enlisted in the Navy. After serving his term in the Navy, he secured his A CDL license.  In 2020, he successfully obtained his Florida Real Estate Sale Associate License and joined TCG in August of 2021. 

Austin is a critical source of knowledge, experience, and execution in their team’s pursuit of consulting and strategic partnerships.  His supportive role will help him gain the knowledge and experience to eventually execute Brokerage and development projects on his own and he hopes to be able to both expand his experience and knowledge as well as eventually own some of his own real estate. 

Austin's Listings