Babcock Ranch Is Still Growing


The newly established town that spans both Lee and Charlotte County, Babcock Ranch, is set to break ground on their first apartment complex in 2022. This apartment complex will be located near Crescent B Commons shopping center. Another first for Babcock Ranch is their Publix opening on September 23 in Crescent B Commons shopping center! Babcock Ranch has been dubbed the fastest growing communities in Southwest Florida with roughly 2,700 residents. Throughout the last year 691 single family homes were built. Out of the 25 communities in Collier, Lee, and Charlotte Counties, Babcock Ranch pulled the second highest number of residential permits.

For those who don’t know, Babcock Ranch is the first ever solar powered town in America. The town sits on approximately 17,000± acres. Currently their power comes from a large photovoltaic power station and a network of rooftop solar panels on commercial buildings. Babcock Ranch plans to expand their solar panel network and ultimately send more renewable power into the Florida electrical grid than the city consumes itself.