How To: Make Professional Connections Out of Strangers



Small talk, it’s something we do every day whether it is with your boss, your coworker, an acquaintance, or a mere stranger. Life is unpredictable and you never know where your next best business opportunity may come from.  Follow the three C’s and you might just be able to turn your next small talk conversation with a stranger into a business opportunity!

Compliment: It’s always natural to start with an opening question such as ‘what do you do?’ but once that information is disclosed, you could follow up with some subtle compliments about their field or the work they do.

Connect: Throughout your conversation, you should consider how this new acquaintance will fit into your professional life. The first step you should take is connecting with them on LinkedIn to learn more about who they are and what their history is. You could even exchange emails to stay in touch.

Conceive: After building the foundation to this new professional relationship you can put together a plan outlining the prospective business collaboration and what the next steps are to realize it.