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Bahia Bowls

Welcome to Bahia Bowls! This Acai Café was founded in 2017 and continues to rapidly expand primarily because of its nutritional options and delicious menu. Due to the current health crisis facing our nation, consumers have an even greater awareness and appetite for healthy, grab and go, low contact food options.  Since their inception, Bahia Bowls offers the convenience of ordering online with curbside pick-up, which is now more important than ever. Quick Service Restaurants (QSR), focused on healthy eating options will surely continue to gain momentum as consumers begin to rethink their dining options. Over the past three years, there has been a seismic shift across the industry, and Bahia Bowls is well positioned to be able to bring these options to consumers everywhere! Geared towards those who have an active lifestyle, Bahia Bowls launched this amazing concept in sunny Southwest Florida.  Since then, they haven’t looked back!

We got to speak with Van Hatziyianis, one of founders of Bahia Bowls, and he explained that when starting this business, the plan was never to just create one store. They wanted to share the concept and idea all over. He states, “There was always the mindset of it growing and creating this amazing brand to be shared among different places in the country.”

Van has always had a love for culinary arts and healthy options. He comes from a family who has been in the restaurant business for over 50 years, owning diners across New York. Years ago, he had the opportunity to study at the Culinary Institute of America, but instead declined to work and grow on Wall Street in NYC. After several years of hard work and success, Van decided it was time to come back to his passion and decided to begin the process of creating Bahia Bowls. His vision, drive, and ambition has allowed him to create not just one store, but a whole new exciting brand.

In 2017, Van and his partner, Ben Casey, opened up their first store in Estero, FL. They spent the next two years truly focusing on what this brand and company meant to them and created an unbreakable franchise structure. Ben is a long-time family friend and was very excited for the opportunity to be a part of this exciting venture. Ben is a local resident and a graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University, so opening this store in Estero meant even more to him knowing how much the local community would embrace and benefit from the concept.

What can you expect when you walk into Bahia Bowls?

First off, let’s start with this incredible menu options. Head to and check out the different options available.

The concept “Fast Casual” is what they are all about. You can enjoy their Super Fruit bowls such as Acai, Pitaya (aka Dragon Fruit), and Green base blends, an assortment of all natural Smoothies, Oatmeal, Salads, Wraps, Toasts and more! They also offer an assortment of beverages, including Organic Cold Brew Coffee, Nitro Coffee, Kombucha, Juices, and Probiotic Kefir Waters . Relax and sit back in their comfortable shop and enjoy your healthy and energizing meal. Not to mention, the customization and options are endless! What will you get next time you stop by Bahia Bowls?

Currently the two South Florida locations are in Estero, and Cape Coral. They also have two locations on the East Coast (Boynton Beach and Cooper City) and are also expanding to Pennsylvania and Texas. This franchise is growing rapidly and before we know it, we will be seeing it all over the place! So, what do you think? Are you interested in franchising?

Franchising Opportunities

Franchising does not have to be a stressful, “break the bank” kind of situation. The optimal space for this concept is between 1,000-1,400 sq ft, so finding options can be much more plausible. Working with Bahia Bowls can be enjoyable and much more possible than you may think. They work with entrepreneurs who have a love for the restaurant business, just like them. Customer experience is huge and having a passion for healthy eating is also an important factor.

They are also now offering both an express and full-service menu options to franchisees. The express menu primarily includes their core product offering of Super Fruit Bowls and Smoothies, while the full-service menu offering which also includes an assortment of healthy salads and wraps.  The Estero location promotes the express menu, while in Cape Coral they have the more expanded, full-service menu.  Franchisees have the flexibility to start with offering our signature Super Fruit bowls and Smoothies, later adding other products to the menu as they see fit.

If you really think about what goes into opening a Bahia Bowls, you will quickly realize it is unlike other food establishments. It leaves a small footprint, you don’t need a lot of equipment, outdoor space is encouraged, and you can really cut costs with not spending money on unnecessary items.

Items on the menu are all made to order with the freshest ingredients.  There is no need to outfit the leased space with expensive restaurant equipment and fire suppression systems, which keeps the startup costs low. After speaking with their team, you will find that the overall business model is extremely efficient, and they will give you all the training that you need to be a successful franchise. Check out their site for information on how you can move forward with your own franchise or contact their staff for information.

I don’t know about you, but I could sure go for a refreshing Super Fruit bowl right about now! Make sure to check out Bahia Bowls at one of their two location in Southwest Florida or, on the East Coast!


“We worked with TCG to complete the first store in Estero and it is doing extremely well. Brent Westerfield worked with us to lease both the Estero and the  Cape Coral spaces! These guys just know how it works, the overall process as well as what we are looking for. When we have someone who wants to franchise, we want to send them to TCG because you guys have a good handle on what we need, what we want, and we trust that they will find what they are looking for to be successful as well!”

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