Earth Day 2021: UrbanLand on Making the Case for Restoring our Earth

To celebrate Earth Day, today we are recognizing Urban Land Institute and their mission to enhance the environment and make communities more sustainable.

ULI advocates for a “circular economy” in commercial real estate. Circular economy principles essentially encourage reusing and recycling materials. By utilizing this process, it opens a new value stream during deconstruction and allows for a surplus of materials for new projects.

ULI has also been prepping with local governments, preparing for climate hazards in its “ULI Urban Resilience Program”. A lot of the work has solely been focused on the Southeast Florida community to encourage rehabilitation to the shoreline design on the east coast and also to have outlined climate adaption strategies for Southeast Florida.

Finally, ULI has emphasized the importance of investing in parks and green space as an essential step in environmental revitalization. Due to the Pandemic, governments have had to get creative with which space can be accessible to public crowds, one of the most important being public parks. You can find more information about ULI’s plan on enhancing public access to parks here.

For more information on Urban Land Institute, you can visit them at their website at