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Y Combinator Invests in CRE Software Resquared 

Today, we would like to highlight Y Combinator’s investment in growing CRE Software, Resquared.

Resquared is a software program that aggregates data on local retail businesses.  The software program makes it simple to identify local businesses along with their contact information with the goal of transforming them into a qualified prospect. Y Combinator is an angel investor group specializing in start-up companies with fast growth potential. They have a rich portfolio of companies including Dropbox, Airbnb and Stripe. Resquared was specifically chosen for Y Combinator’s “winter 21 Batch”, a program that provides $125,000 in funding in exchange for 7% of the company.  They also provide the winners business networking, mentorship and advice for a three-month span. With this investment, Resquared looks to continue to grow and be a promising new application for real estate professionals.

At TCG, Resquared has been used to source thousands of prospects for our property contact lists. Resquared is just one tool of many TCG uses to support our clients in our direct and efficient target marketing.

Trinity is a full-service brokerage firm with specialties in tenant and landlord representation, asset disposition, investment and development services, multi-family and property management.

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