Florida Highlighted as the 9th Best State in Country for Job Seekers

Florida highlighted as the 9th best state in country for Job Seekers

The statistics keep piling in that prove Florida is becoming a hot commodity for all types of workers. Closely following the trend of employment since the pandemic, Florida has ranked 9th in best states for remote jobs in a report published by CareerCloud. Based on broadband access, job growth and employment data, Florida outranked 42 other states (Including District of Columbia). A highlight in this report showed that Florida was ranked 5th in terms of projected job growth from 2018 to 2028, with 24.3% growth expected in remote jobs in Florida.

According to the report, the best remote job to be in today in Florida would be an accountant, based on statistics that show 8.1 out of 1000 remote employees currently showcase accountant as their job description. In the future, it is predicted that an Information security analyst will be the hottest job. CareerCloud predicts that analysts will see a job growth rate of 44% over 10 years.

With many big corporations such as Spotify and Twitter making remote positions possible permanently, and landmark companies such as JetBlue mulling over moves to Florida, it seems inevitable that Florida will continue to show positive job growth, especially in remote work.

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