How to: Cultivate a positive Office Culture (Featuring an interview with TCG’s Cindy Schooler)  

If you are managing a business or company, you want to know how to cultivate a positive office environment. In this article we discussed with Cindy Schooler, Managing Director at TCG, exactly how it’s done.


  • What makes you proud of the culture at TCG?

Inclusion and shared knowledge of the market.  TCG’s foundation is based on a inclusive working environment with a common goal to help team members elevate their practice with open dialogue and market knowledge.  I have worked for other Brokerage Firms that have a silo model with a protective hedge regarding best practices.  I am proud to say TCG is the exact opposite…openness leads to better brokerage which in turn leads to better results for our clients.


  • What role do company values play in hiring and performance reviews?

TCG’s hiring is based on 3 Core Tenants…Character, Competency & Culture.  All three are vital to the success of the Broker, TCG and our clients.  We strive to hire people that demonstrate strong ethics, morals and good character along with a high level of competency.  Our focus is executing at the highest level and serving our clients to the best of our ability.


  • How do you as a manager support and motivate your team?

As Managing Director, my job is to offer guidance, professional knowledge and opportunities for our team members to succeed.  All successful teams have a head coach that works alongside the players to ensure we are playing and executing at the highest level with the intent to win the game for our clients.


  • When and how should you give and receive feedback?

Constructive feedback is essential for professional growth.  The old saying…”You won’t change what you don’t know” lives in many work environments.  Leadership requires open and frank discussions on how the individual is performing their role and responsibilities.   I encourage open dialogue and constructive feedback from all team members.  You won’t grow professionally if you are not aware of a weakness in your practice.


  • What are some of the ways that TCG celebrates success?

In many CRE firms success is defined only by financial production and celebrated at the end of the year.  At TCG we look at success through a different lens…how are we contributing to the community, clients and fellow co-workers? We try to celebrate the small and large wins within our office.  We give back to our community through our TCG Cares program which hosts a quarterly event to benefit a community organization and we try to bring humor and laughter into our office on a daily basis…it makes our job a lot more fun.