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Back and Better: How Construction and Professional Business Services are helping strong employment gains in SWFL

Through these Co-vid times, all industries in all states have been hit hard. As vaccines are made readily available and consumers are taking heavier precautions to slow the spread, the economy is beginning to spur back into pre-Covid action. In Florida, employment is returning in strong numbers, with SWFL leading the pack. The SWFL December 2020 Unemployment rate has dropped to 4.8%, as compared to a 5.8% unemployment rate in the rest of Florida. Analysts attribute this drop to high growth gains in construction, professional business services and manufacturing. Though leisure and hospitably and government are still lagging behind in job recovery, it is safe to assume that with the state opening back up and vaccines being highly circulated, job recovery will be expedient in Florida. At Trinity, we have continued to abide by the safety precautions in the workplace and focused on an upwards trajectory. We continue to strive forward and work hard to maintain the sustained growth of business in SWFL.

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