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Broker Story: Dan O’Berski

In this new series, we will be celebrating ten years of TCG by looking inwards to our Brokers that have made these ten years so successful. Dan O’Berski is an owner and the Broker of Record at Trinity Commercial Group. We interviewed him to get his insight on his beginning at TCG, what sparked his interest in CRE and his proudest accomplishments in his career…


How long have you been working at TCG?

 Since its inception on October 26th, 2011


What got you interested in CRE?

 My Grandpa. He was one of my earliest hero’s. He was a deal maker, negotiator, fun loving, tough, tenacious and audacious thinker!


What was your first breakthrough lease/sale?

My first client was Winn Dixie. Although I never made a dime from that relationship, it set me on a course that was miraculous from the day I started in commercial real estate.


What has been your biggest individual accomplishment working in CRE?

Having friends that trusted me and relationships headed by trust.


What lease/sale are you most proud of?

 There are 4 deals:

  • Santa Barbara and Veterans – I worked with Creighton commercial who reworked that deal just under 100 times with 3 different major anchors!
  • 41 and College – Again, Creighton believed in a vision and then made it happen. We transformed an old vacant grocery, gas station and a poor-quality hotel into arguably one of the best retail intersections in Lee County
  • Immokalee and 951 – JV assembled on 56 acres over the course of the deal for 9 years and now going vertical
  • Del Prado Mall – Halstatt believed enough in our vision of repurposing an old office max deal!


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