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Broker Story: Darren Moore

In this new series, we will be celebrating ten years of TCG by looking inwards to our Brokers that have made these ten years so successful. Darren Moore is an Advisor with TCG. We interviewed him to get insight on his beginning at TCG, what sparked his interest in CRE and his proudest accomplishments in his career…


  • How long have you been working at TCG? 


I have been with TCG for 4 years.


  • What got you interested in CRE? 


When I was attending FGCU for my Finance degree, I enrolled in a real estate class where we were taught many different aspects of the real estate industry.  In this class, we had guest speakers would share with us the different sides of the real estate industry.  Dan O’Berski was one of the speakers that made an impression on me and that’s when I knew TCG was where I wanted to be.


  • What was your first breakthrough lease/sale? 


My first memorable lease would have to be a tenant rep lease I worked on with a group called Kore Wireless.  I helped the client relocate their 10,000sf office in Naples which was the first deal that I felt confident handling from start to finish with little help from my peers.  Another amazing part was that I managed to make a great first impression with the client and having them choose to work with me over the many other agents in this market was a great feeling.


  • What has been your biggest individual accomplishment working in CRE? 


Honestly, what makes me feel most accomplished is working to help people see something they’ve dreamed about come to fruition. Although I represent the landlords most of the time it is still a great feeling knowing you’ve helped a tenant get into a unit that they can, hopefully, run their business for a long time to come.


  • What lease/sale are you most proud of?


The lease I am most proud of was for New South Windows at the Center of Bonita Springs.  The tenant’s broker and I worked to get them into an 11,000+sf unit that had been passed over by multiple groups for a few years and also needed a good amount of work done to the interior. This lease helped stabilize that side of the center and brought a credit tenant to an area in the center that needed some activity.


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