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City of Palms Park Possibilities


Everyone has heard that Americas favorite past time is baseball, that proves to be true in southwest Florida without number of baseball stadiums! The city of Palms Park was once home to the Boston Red Sox before they relocated to JetBlue Park at Fenway South. Now the park has been reclaimed by the Lee County Government at the request pf the City of Fort Myers.

Lee County’s planed to demolish the park with an allowance of $1 million towards the end of 2021, however now that plan has been reconsidered. The government is now seeking alternate ways to preserve the land and perhaps even the ballpark. It is in the hopes of the city council members that reconstruction of the City of Palms Park will become the new centerpiece for Midway and encourage more development.

Former Olympic facility inspector and friend of Fort Myers City Councilman, Greg Harney suggest a possible reconfiguration of the stadium to allow for football, soccer, lacrosse, or more in an interview with Gulfshore Business.  But most importantly the city needs to focus on what the community would want.

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