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Client Spotlight: Clean Machine Carwash

In this edition of Client Spotlight, we would like to highlight Clean Machine. Clean Machine is a car wash company that takes pride in its environmentally friendly car wash. With all its facilities being well-maintained, stocked and fully equipped for heavy-duty car washes, they are very popular in plenty of areas in Florida.

Serving nearly 1,000 customers per day at various locations, the washes are open from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M., seven days a week. Clean Machine’s usually exist with major retail co-tenants including but not limited to Culver’s, Race Trac, Home Depot, Winn Dixie and others.

TCG currently represents Clean Machine in SWFL, where they are continuing to expand. Most recently, TCG represented Clean machine in a closed deal at 13601 Goldenwood Drive (Lot 3) in Fort Myers and look forward to sourcing for more locations.

To learn more about Clean Machine, please visit their website here. For more on TCG and our services please visit our website here.

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