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Collier County Included in Places with Most Favorable Cost of Living

According to SmartAsset, Collier County is ranked No. 4 in a Florida list of “Places with the Most Favorable Cost of Living.”

Collier County came in No. 4 behind Nassau County, Monroe County, and the No. 1 – Saint John’s County. Collier’s average cost of living came in at $38,130 and a median income of $69,653, while the overall state of Florida’s average cost of living came in at $34,535 and a median income of $55,660.

The methodology behind their study identifies places where average living expenses are most affordable for the people living there. They measured the cost of living relative to income to determine the purchasing power in each county. For the cost of living, they account for items such as living expenses, housing, food, taxes, education and childcare, transportation, healthcare, and extras (clothing, personal care, household cleaning products, etc.).

For an interactive map and breakdown of the study, visit SmartAsset’s website here.



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