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Naples Announced as a Top Destination For Snowbirds

Florida dominates the best destinations for snowbirds list with 43 cities in the top 100 and 6 of them landing in the top 10! From the hundreds of miles of sandy beaches to the world-renowned amusement park destinations and nature around every corner, it is no wonder Florida has always been a popular tourism destination. A variety of different groups flock to Florida during the holidays such as Disney World Pass-holders, spring breakers, snowbirds, and more! Travel and tourism were halted during the pandemic, but as many are witnessing, recovery is occurring, and people are heading back to Florida for the winter.

This season, Naples has been named the 2nd best destination for Snowbirds in a study provided by StorageCafe. What brings Naples to the top of so many of these lists are its unbeatable quality of life as well as its relative affordability. Some other top factors according to StorageCafe include the following:

  • One of Southwest Florida’s most beautiful cities has access to along 41 miles of beaches and average Oct. – March temperatures are a cozy 71 °F.
  • Naples has more golf courses than any other snowbird destination, no fewer than 70.
  • Naples scored highest for both healthcare centers per 1,000 of the population (14) and seasonal use housing (38%).

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