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Southwest Florida International Airport, RSW, Bounces Back with Passenger Increase


This past July, RSW experienced a record-smashing number of 814,471 travelers. This number of passengers influx is reflected as a 218% increase compared to July 2020 and 42.6% higher rate than the passenger traffic in July 2019.

This was a notably huge increase in passenger traffic through Southwest Florida International Airport. RSW experienced a 60% increase in year-to-date passenger traffic! The top traffic mover in July was Southwest Airlines, with an influx of 205,598 overall travelers. Following Southwest Airlines, Delta had the second highest number of travelers grossing at 156,658, then American Airlines with 149,918 passengers, United totaling at 114,151 passengers, and Spirit at 66,167.

Southwest Florida International Airport saw an increase of aircraft operations by roughly 52% compared to July 2020. However Page Field Airport saw a decrease of aircraft operations by  1.4% compared to July 2020.

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