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Working From Home Is Getting A New Look Due To Multifamily Housing Developers Kicking It Into High Gear


The Minnesota-based company, Life Time, is known for their flagship fitness centers. However, over the past few years they have pivoted their business model and now are successfully running Life Time Work, a business center, and Life Time Living a high end housing units.

Life Time is blurring the lines of property use with their new project located in Coral Gables, Miami, FL by combining rental housing, coworking spaces, and an expansive fitness center. Though these amenities may not seem too innovative, they were once-uncommon. Their coworking space is not just two desktops at a standing desk with a printer, and their gym is more than an exercise ball and some free weights. This 14 story development amounts to 495 rental units, an 80,000 SF fitness center, and a 25,000 SF Life Time Work coworking space.

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