Presidents Day: How much is the White House Worth?

On this Monday, we celebrate all of our Presidents. On this day we celebrate liberty, freedom and country, all of which are priceless. The White House is a monument that has housed every president since John Adams in 1800. Though we may not think of it that way, the White House is still technically residential real estate. So how much would it cost to rent/buy it?

According to the residential real estate website Zillow, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is estimated at a purchase price of $417,962,605.  If you were only looking to live there short term, you’d be looking at renting for around $1,652,296 a month. With 55,000 Sq ft. of living space, you’d be looking at purchasing at a rate of $7,599.32 per square foot. You’d surely be in a special living space, as the white house is valued 62,097.2% higher than the average house in the same area code. Although these prices are reflected, there are special tenet requirements as the property owners only accept someone who is the President of the United States.